(Previously Aberfoyle Park Chiropractors)

Welcome to the SA Wellness Centre

Welcoming All New & Existing Customers

Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Naturopathy, Yoga, Wellness Practitioners & More

Now Open!

New facilities, same friendly staff.

New Location

Just a few kms from Marion, with lots of parking.

Friendly Team

Chiropractors and new specialised services.

General Information

The SA Wellness Centre (Previously Aberfoyle Park Chiropractors).

Our Chiropractors (Dr. Linda and Dr. Peter) are now complimented by a range of new wellness services including Massage Therapies and Yoga Classes.

 New location – just minutes from Marion.

 New consultation rooms.

 New services and brand new facilities.

 Same friendly health care professionals.

*Please note: Dr. Linda’s Chiropractic services are now available on Saturdays. Dr. Peter’s (Chiropractor) hours have been carried across from the Aberfoyle Park Chiropractic clinic (Mon – Fri).

Pricing Info

Contact our friendly staff for pricing on a range of treatment options.


We uphold the high standards set by all health practitioners in Adelaide.

Safety First

Our practitioners put safety first, with absolutely no exceptions.

Thank you to everyone for your support.

We are proud of our reputation and our dedicated approach to our customers’ health and wellness.
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