About the SA Wellness Centre

Our Story

The SA Wellness Centre is a product of over 30 years of experience in providing professional chiropractic and wellness care to clients across the region. First developed under Aberfoyle Park Chiropractic and later under Spinecare Chiropractic, the centre evolved and grew according to popular demand. Developing into its own independent organization and renamed as SA Wellness Centre, a new site in O’Halloran Hill was initiated in 2016, creating the view to offer a range of high-quality health-positive services to our valued clients, within a professional, welcoming and warm environment.

With a service list that ranges from chiropractic and physiotherapy through to remedial massage and naturopathy, we also offer wellness workshops, yoga and meditation classes.

Our Wellness Purpose

To help you reach and maintain your health and wellness, enabling you to be your best and give you the ability to participate in life without limitations or restrictions.

Our purpose at SA Wellness Centre is to understand and locate the real underlying cause of your condition by drawing on the latest scientific research, investigations and tests that are available to us. We aim to resolve your health concerns and also to educate and empower all of our patients to lead a happier and healthier life. When you seek the help of one of our health practitioners in Adelaide, you will receive an specific tailored approach to your healthcare needs.

Our unique

Our Chiropractors (Dr Bronte, Dr Vicki and Dr Peter) and Chiropractic Services are now complemented by a range of Wellness Services including; Physiotherapy, MyotherapyMassage Therapies, Hijama Therapy, Dry Needling, Cupping Therapy and Yoga and Pilates Classes.

 is modelled around a holistic framework that focuses on lifestyle, mental health, diet, nutrients, herbal medicine, as well as physical fitness. As qualified practitioners in Adelaide, we pride ourselves on remaining at the forefront of the most current scientific research, using only the best available investigations to provide high-quality services with proven safety standards. Visit our adelaide wellness centre and discover for yourself.

Our Vision

To live in a world where everyone is living healthy, inspired lives and are free to be able to live the life they choose. A world of empowerment, applied knowledge, growth, healing, and one where no matter what the circumstances people can focus on solutions to improve and maintain their health and quality of life.

Meet Our Team

Our Chiropractors (Dr Bronte, Dr Vicki and Dr Peter) and Chiropractic Services are now complemented by a range of Wellness Services including; PhysiotherapyMyotherapy,  Massage Therapies, Hijama Therapy, Dry Needling, Cupping Therapy and Yoga and Pilates Classes.

Clients at SA Wellness Centre refer to our team for expertise, guidance and support in:

  • Improving physical fitness
  • Recovering from injury
  • Pain Management
  • Developing relaxation techniques
  • Improving their understanding of health and wellness
  • and more…
The passionate therapists, clinicians and instructors at SA Wellness offer many decades of combined experiences and a variety of specialist skills, assisting clients of every age in their journey towards an improved state of health.
Focused on delivering the highest level of attention and care to our valued clients, we welcome you to visit the friendly team at SA Wellness Centre, for an experience of better health at its best.