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5 Chiropractors in Adelaide with Additional Health Services

5 Chiropractors in Adelaide with Additional Health Services

health-diagnosisIt is general knowledge that Chiropractors are specialists in the health of the spine, however what many people may not realise is that Adelaide hosts a range of Chiropractors who have managed to take their knowledge one step further and gain expertise in additional areas to further benefit patients and the wider community as a whole.

SA Wellness Centre is proud to be affiliated with the experienced chiropractors in Adelaide where our support extends beyond a simple mention and refers potential customers in their experienced interests. Our Chiro’s, Dr. Linda and Dr. Peter have already established themselves as leaders in the field; and they maintain core values that go far beyond money – as all health practitioners should – where the ultimate goal in a Chiropractic business is the health and wellbeing of the local community.
So here it is, our recommendations for people in Adelaide looking for more than a basic Chiropractor, but rather one who offers additional health benefits.

Chiropractic at Magill

  • Suburb: Magill
  • Additional Benefits: Great center for Paediatric Chiropractic and pregnancy with Dr Sarah Whyatt having studied post graduate Paediatric Chiropractic


Clovelly Park Chiropractic

  • Suburb: Clovelly Park
  • Additional Benefits: Dr Christopher Hume-Phillips specialises in Animal Chiropractic, including adjusting horses and dogs.


Greenhill Family Chiropractic

  • Suburb: Linden Park
  • Additional Benefits: Dr Brett Hill offers Health and Wellness coaching


Walkerville Chiropractic

  • Suburb: Walkerville
  • Additional Benefits: As well as being a great Chiropractor, Dr Goran Mladenovic helps mentor other Chiropractors so they can help patients to a higher level.


A little birdy told us that we aren’t too bad ourselves, so for anyone in Adelaide looking for a Certified Wellness Practitioner please consider our services.

Aberfoyle Park Chiropractic

  • Suburb: Happy Valley
  • Additional Benefits: Dr. Peter Roennfeldt is a excellent Chiropractor and also a Certified Wellness Practitioner which means customers in Adelaide can visit SA Wellness Centre and receive data driven programs that tracks and incentivises healthy life choices. Dr. Linda is a Chiropractor with more than 30 years experience and also qualified in food and nutrition, so those of you who need to improve their diet along with the health of their spine please read more about Dr. Linda.


The SA Wellness Centre


In Summary

SA Wellness Centre is working hard to raise the standard for Chiropractic consultations in Adelaide because we have witnessed first hand the positive influence that a healthy spine can have, and in this case we have enjoyed the feedback from patients who say that they love our chiropractic care and truly value the additional services on offer.

Anyone that has spent time and money on Chiropractic care knows they are making a smart investment in their future. Improving their health via the spine and central nervous system is the foundation for an active lifestyle. So the purpose here was not to discount any standard chiropractic services but to raise awareness around some of the closely related healthcare services offered by Chiro’s in Adelaide.

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