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Our New Chiropractor: Dr Linda Outschoorn

Dr Linda Outschoorn: Loving Chiro’ for 30 Years and Counting.

Chiropractor (BSc DC, Canada)
Dr Linda Outschoorn Profile PhotoDr. Linda Outschoorn is new to the team at SA Wellness Centre and already she is having a positive effect on the health and wellbeing of our customers, not to mention our friends, families and everyone associated with the clinic. Dr. Linda has an enviable track record when it comes to chiropractic results. There are dozens of customers that follow her every move, confident that they are in good hands.

Additionally, Dr. Linda has the technical prowess to efficiently and effectively diagnose virtually any muscular skeletal problems; especially some of the more complex back pain and neck related issues.

Despite all of Dr. Linda’s experience, knowledge and her performance as a chiropractor it’s her personality that has endeared us the most. A remarkable first impression left simply by being who she is. Dr. Linda’s passion for helping people is infectious, and it is the way she explains chiropractic that helps to improve peoples lives. For instance, Dr. Linda says “I get the most satisfaction from the results of using our hands to make a difference in patients lives with profound and complex outcomes”.

chiro teamFurthermore it is Dr. Linda’s chiropractic delivery that leaves her patients wanting more, likened to a gym buff with a healthy addiction to exercise – it is similar viewing Dr. Linda’s customers feeling instantly better after one of her consultations. Wanting more because increasing the bodies range of motion and decreasing pain has a flow on effect for all other matters in our lives. Dr. Linda also acknowledges that less can be more when it comes to a patients care. Dr. Linda insists on tailoring her attentiveness to a patients needs, understanding that not everyone shares the same excitement in healthcare and respecting the fact that some people simply want to be pain free, or move like they used to, and so on.

And finally, when it comes to having a well rounded care for the community it is Dr. Linda who connects with patients of all ages, all cultural background, any gender and all of this is clear when you visit Dr. Linda for the very first time. In fact, on one occasion Dr. Linda was treating a patient who instantly felt a long term injury subside; and on this occasion the patients child who was sitting in the room jumped up and gestured towards the adjusting table asking to be next!

Such is the brilliance of Dr. Linda Outschoorn and her Chiropractic care. To make an appointment with Dr. Linda please click here.



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