Chiropractic Adjusting Techniques

At SA Wellness Centre our Chiropractors possess a wide range of techniques they can utilise in a Chiropractic consult. Which technique is used is dependent on a number of factors, some of which include patient preference, condition/pain type, and age.

Drop-Table technique:

Our Chiropractic tables are specially designed to aid our practitioners in the Drop Table technique. Particular sections of the table drop down 1-2cm, depending on the area being adjusted, as our Chiropractors apply pressure to the area. This combination of pressure and drop down of the table assists in moving Vertebra into the desired place. 

    Spinal Manipulation:

    Spinal Manipulation is the use of stretching combined with a gentle thrusting motion to help improve joint mobility. This technique is considered to be a gentle adjustment type that works well for particular patients, depending on preference and other factors.

      Gonstead Adjustment:

      Gonstead Adjustment is a manual technique and can be completed with the patient sitting or lying down on their side. The technique is based on spinal analysis and alignment of the pelvis, vertebrae, and legs. It is designed to aid in the restoration of normal disc alignment to increase mobility.

        The Activator Method:

        The Activator method uses a tool called an Activator to adjust affected areas with low but precise force. While it is great for targeting back and neck pain, it also assists with pain in extremities and can target areas specifically. 

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