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Hypnobirthing / Positive Birthing Course for Couples

January 10

Adelaide Hypnibirthing
Childbirth and Pregnancy do not have to be scary or serious! We know that being surrounded by positivity increases your endorphins and happy hormones. Endorphins are natures own pain relief – so let’s use what nature gave us!
Labour can be beautiful, calm and enjoyable! Let’s show you how to achieve the birth you want!
The comprehensive Hypnobirthing Australia ™ program is an up-to-date childbirth education program that incorporates successful ideas, modern pregnancy and birthing theories and teachings from many respected experts and also includes Hypnotherapy techniques. This program enables women and their birth partners to feel they can trust the birthing process.
• Mothers who are knowledgeable about birth and the options available to them are more relaxed and therefore labour approaches their labour in a perfect frame of mind.
• When mothers are able to calmly accept the sensations during labour and practice our techniques – they are peaceful and well equipped.
• Your partner will learn how to support and advocate for your birth wishes through Hypnobirthing education.
• You will learn how to release your body’s natural pain-relieving hormones, endorphins
• You will develop a positive mindset about labour as something to be embraced and enjoyed
• You and your partner will learn about the normal birth process (or caesarian) and so you’ll leave feeling empowered and confident about your exciting journey
• Your partner will learn techniques to support and advocate for you through your birth
• Many couples are so relaxed and excited by the day of their baby’s birth that they take it in their stride, even when the plan changes due to unforeseen circumstances
Our classes empower you to have a positive birth experience, irrespective of the mode of birth.
A group course facilitated by a highly experienced & currently practising midwife and IBCLC. Specially designed for you and your birth partner to learn proven techniques including breathing, relaxation, visualisation, self-hypnosis, partner techniques, acupressure points for pain relief and more to help you prepare for a calm, relaxed and positive birth.
The full course consists of 12 hours of tuition in a small group setting over 2 full Sundays (6 hours per session).
PLUS when you book with us:
* $200 worth of certified Hypnobirthing Australia materials including the comprehensive folio of resources, fabulous affirmations mp3’s, two practice self-hypnosis mp3’s, the ‘Little Book of Hypnobirthing’ ebook and home study videos.
* 12 hours of face-to-face training in a small and intimate group setting (4-6 couples). Flexible options can be negotiated. Small groups, weekday evenings/ weekends or private in-home classes at a time suitable for you and your partner are all alternatives.
* Our beautiful southern venue is located at the SA Wellness Centre at centrally located O’halloran Hill. This intimate venue is the perfect environment to relax and bond with your partner and baby while establishing and learning skills useful for your upcoming birth. We have yoga mats, birth balls bolster to make yourselves comfy while learning.
* A complimentary gift bag valued at $50.
* A 60 minute 1:1 midwifery session (bulk billed) where we can discuss your birth preferences and answer any further questions you have about the Hypnobirthing Australia course or preparation for your birth. Ideally, we arrange this in the 36th week of your pregnancy and can be done via phone/Skype or in person.
* Option to book into preparation for breastfeeding group class (often with the same course participants) after the completion of your course or we can also arrange a 1:1 pregnancy breastfeeding consultation in your own home at a reduced rate.
* Ongoing email/phone support from me until the birth of your baby
Cost: $550 per couple (includes 2 Sundays)
• A deposit of $150 is due at booking, with the balance due 2 weeks prior to the class commencing.
Bookings are essential as we have a maximum number per group due to Covid restrictions. If Covid restrictions are reimplemented then this event will be online (over 4 consecutive weeks, 3hrs each)



January 10


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