• 60 Minute Massage
    • Remedial
    • Sports
    • Relaxation
    • Pregnancy
  • 30 Minute Massage
    • Remedial
    • Sports
    • Relaxation
    • Pregnancy
Why See Us?

The main benefit of a combined chiro and massage clinic is the relationship between the muscular-skeletal system. Our Chiropractors and Masseurs work together to maximise the health benefit of each and every treatment.

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Not sure which massage to choose? That’s okay, have a look at the quick summaries below and contact us for more information. We love what we do and would be more than happy to elaborate on our services.
relaxation massage therapsit adelaide

Relaxation Massage

Experience relaxation like never before. This is a journey for your senses and it lands you in a better state of mind and body. Conducted by a fully qualified Musculoskeletal Therapist.

Qi-Gong Therapy

(AKA: Ch’i Kung) is a renowned healing technique from China. It is both an art and science as it involves systematic movements with simultaneous breathing instructions.

Qi-Gong Therapy Adelaide
Sports Massage Adelaide

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a type of physical therapy commonly used by highly active people. It is applied as either a preventative or reactive measure to strenuous activity.

Trigger Point Therapy

With trigger point therapies a painful musculoskeletal pathway is identified and treated. Which is to say that trigger points are areas on the body that can have a profound impact on other muscles.

Trigger Point Massage

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Our massage therapists are experienced and fully qualified. If you have any hesitations please call the clinic on  08 8322 1788.

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