pilates fundamentals course


What is this Beginner Pilates Course about?

This Pilates for Beginners course is an opportunity to learn the basics and to get a feel of what Pilates is about.
This Pilates series for beginners is mainly aimed at beginners and those returning from some time off, although more challenging options will be offered for those with previous experience.
The classes will focus on connecting to your deep core muscle or powerhouse. You will be introduced to some basic exercises following breathing, coordination, control, and precision and you will be able to see how these principles and movements impact your posture and everyday habits. You will become more aware of your body while freeing your spine, shoulders, and hips.
This 5-week block of classes allows you to have a linear experience and to build upon what you have learned in each class.

39 Main South Rd, O’Halloran Hill, SA

*Bookings essential ~ Limited Spaces
^^ Everyone from 12 years onwards is welcome
Yoga Mat, fitness balls, blocks, and straps are available for use, although you are welcome to bring your own.
Contact us with any questions at admin@sawellnesscentre.com.au or call 8322 1788