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What to Expect

It is well known that for thousands of years, plant extracts have been commonly used to treat different conditions in humans. For example the use of essential plant oils along with plant-based oils, generally coconut or almond oil, to be used with a relaxing Swedish massage. At our Adelaide massage clinic, we combine a selection of essential oils tailored exclusively for you to help you heal and renew your body.

Essential oils are the concentrated extracts of plants with infinite qualities. Lavender for instance is effective in healing skin when it has been damaged or irritated. It is also very relaxing as chemicals from lavender essential oil tend to switch the brain into a relaxed mode. Also, lavender is very good at helping to dissolve the stresses and strains of everyday life.

How Does an Aromatherapy Massage Work?

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All aromatherapy massage treatments are carried out at our massage clinic in Adelaide by our qualified aromatherapist Nicki Fox, BHSc, Nat, Dip. RM, who has more than 15 years of experience as a massage therapist.

There is a selection of many essential oils from which we blend a particular mix to suit you personally as an individual. After you have an aromatherapy massage you feel better as both the massage and the oils have been working for you during the session so you experience a sense of calm and wellbeing.

For people with aching muscles, we may use black pepper and wintergreen that seeps deep into the muscles helping them relax and let go of the tension.

If you have sinuses we may use oils like lemon or tea tree (cajuput). Oils permeate through your body to your nasal system and help you breathe more easily.

For depression, we may use orange, neroli, or ylang-ylang that helps lift the spirits.

For men, we may blend more earthy oils such as rosewood, oakmoss, and cinnamon that help soothe the male hormonal system and help men relax deeply.

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Beginning with humble origins over 20 years ago, SA Wellness Centre has become one of Adelaide’s premier wellness clinics, having been recognised with the local award as Hallet Cove in 2019. Recent renovations ensure that our patients have access to modern clinical facilities situated in a very comfortable and friendly environment.

Our team of experienced and professional health professionals as well as the team of friendly receptionists welcome patients young and old to SA Wellness Centre.

Call our centre and speak to one of our friendly reception staff who can assist you in your booking and any further inquiries you may have. Phone: 8322 1788. Alternatively, you can book your appointment online

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