For Studio Hire


SA Wellness Centre will hold a tentative reservation for a maximum of 24hrs, thereafter management reserves the right to cancel the booking & allocate the venue to another client if the full payment or deposit is not received within this time.


Any casual bookings must be paid to be confirmed.

Any multiple bookings are confirmed by the payment of a non-refundable deposit of 20%. The full fee is due 14 days prior to the booking. Management reserves the right to cancel the booking when confirmation is not received.


We require 30 days’ notice for any changes with any bookings otherwise full fee will be retained as compensation for lost business.

Commencement & Vacating of Rooms:

Hire time must include time to set up and pack down. To avoid any further fees, the organiser agrees to begin and end the event at the scheduled time agreed upon.


It is understood that the organiser will conduct the event in full compliance with the SA Wellness Centre & all Australian laws.


The organiser is financially responsible for any damages sustained to the SA Wellness Centre by the organiser, organiser’s guests, invitees or other persons attending the event. The SA Wellness Centre will not accept any responsibility for the damage or loss of merchandise left prior to or after the event.

Public Liability & Insurance:

The organiser must have a current public liability of 10 million and professional insurance.

Audio Visual Hire Equipment:

The organiser is financially responsible for any damage/ breakage of equipment owned by the SA Wellness Centre or sub-hired by the SA Wellness Centre on behalf of the organiser.

Displays & Signage:

Organisers are required to advise the SA Wellness Centre of any displays, signage &/or decorations to be utilised at the event. Only Blu-Tak will be used to adhere items to any surfaces at the SA Wellness Centre.


The organiser is required to tidy up any decorations utilised at the function and vacuum the floor accordingly after the function ends. Alternatively $25 can be included in the hiring fee to cover the cleaning. Unless otherwise agreed with management.


Ongoing rental agreement payments are to be received 2 weeks in advance.


$35 for 1hr

$90 for half a day (up to 4 hrs) 

$150 for half a day (up to 8hrs)

All prices exclude GST.

Pricing & conditions are subject to change at any time at the discretion of SA Wellness Centre


Projectors are available for hire for conferences, product launches, workshops and anything in between. We provide the HDMI cables required to link to your DVD player, Computer or any other media device. The cost is $35 to hire and it includes a projector, a projector screen, a computer stand and remote control.


Management reserves the right to control the volume levels of all music types in any event to preserve the rights of other clients.


In accordance with South Australian Government regulations, all rooms are non-smoking. Smoking is NOT permitted at any inside or outside areas of the SA Wellness Centre.

Booking Request:

Send us a request for booking if you would like to check our studio availability.

Your booking is considered tentative (for a period of 24hrs) until the booking form, along with either a deposit or full payment, is received.