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Angel Love is a dedicated Health Practitioner with a decade of refined experience, servicing clients from various walks of life. This includes elderly clientele, those in palliative care, sports players, and individuals seeking musculoskeletal stress and pain management for their everyday lifestyles. Her proficiency extends to addressing superficial skin health through a gentle and relaxing approach, complemented by a substantial background in Traditional Thai massage—a comprehensive bodywork treatment integrating deep tissue work, gentle yoga-like stretching, and trigger point therapy.

Demonstrating a commitment to ongoing professional development, Angel continually enhances her skills to provide the highest standard of service to each discerning client. Her approach is rooted in holistic care, viewing individuals as a whole rather than merely focusing on symptomatic relief.

Angel firmly believes in the paramount importance of self-care for optimal living and the full enjoyment of life. Her dedication manifests in a commitment to helping clients achieve joy and freedom from restrictions and discomfort through prioritising personal health and well-being.

To Angel, living life to the fullest involves the foundational care of one’s home—the body. Respecting and nurturing health is a top priority to facilitate daily activities and the attainment of personal goals.

Passionate about health and dedicated to embodying wellness, Angel endeavours to empower clients to be their best selves, fostering enjoyment, fun, and a playful spirit reminiscent of one’s inner child.

Specialising in musculoskeletal health, Angel offers personalised treatments and develops comprehensive treatment plans to assist clients in reaching their desired health outcomes. Regular sessions with Angel contribute to a proactive and sustainable approach to well-being.

Beyond her professional commitments in remedial massage, Angel’s personal pursuits reflect a well-rounded commitment to a healthy lifestyle. In her leisure time, she indulges in reading, prepares delicious and health-conscious meals, and engages in activities such as dancing, singing, and practising self-defence techniques like boxing and kickboxing.

As part of her commitment to continuous learning, Angel is actively engaged in studying Health and Fitness, with a future objective of becoming a Health Coach. She aspires to impart knowledge, offer guidance, and inspire individuals to embrace self-love and proactive self-care for an enhanced quality of life. Angel’s vision is to serve her clients with an even greater level of expertise and dedication as she evolves into a Health Coach in the near future.

Angel is available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.