Massage Therapist

Services: Massage Therapy.

Catherina specialises in Relaxation, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue, and Trigger Point massage. With more than 6 years of experience as a Certified Practitioner in Massage and Holistic therapies. She is passionate about helping and listening to people and connecting through her hands by sharing the gifts and benefits of massage on the body, mind, and soul. She combines massage and holistic techniques to relieve tension, promote peace, and detoxify the body to assist the patients in living more fully.

In addition to her massage experience, she is a registered certified Yoga Instructor. She studied Therapeutic Yoga and Ayurvedic massage in the Himalayas and has extra qualifications in Holistic Therapies such as Aromatherapy, Healing Energy, Bach Flowers, Crystal healing, and Reiki.

Catherine has experience in many different areas, such as corporate wellness events and volunteering at a footy club in massage and taping. She enjoys walking along the beach and practicing yoga and boxing in her spare time.