Managing Director and Co-founder

Lorena brings 15+ years of experience in financial and operational management as well as business development to the role of Managing Director. She was also one of the co-founders of SA Wellness Centre

She has a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of South Australia. Lorena has worked in Adelaide for the government in the financial sector. Her experience includes insolvency accounting, business planning and marketing.

Lorena believes strongly in the power of culture and is inspired by the team at SA Wellness Centre on a daily basis. She feels fortunate to work with such a dedicated and credentialed healthcare team to achieve the vision of SA Wellness Centre for excellence in health optimisation, rehabilitation and pain management in Adelaide’s south.

Her Chiropractic journey began in 2007 after experiencing a range of chiropractic solutions for herself. The vision was to provide a health centre in South Australia where health professionals work together providing health solutions aimed at improving people’s lives, while also providing health and wellness needs to communities and businesses.

Lorena works with our allied health practitioners in keeping the team organised and in helping with new solutions for more comprehensive health and wellness programs. Taking the extra step and helping SA Wellness Centre distinguish itself as a qualitative, data-driven, solutions clinic. Lorena’s detail is matched by her attentiveness to each and every SA Wellness Centre customer.