Inamojo™ For Children’s Wellbeing

Date: TERM 3 Program – Thursdays (30th Jan – 26th Mar – 9 classes)
Time: 4:30PM to 5PM
Cost: $125 ($110 early bird before 10th Jan)


Inamojo™ is a Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program, designed to assist children with lessons, tools and skills that will help them to navigate life’s challenges with greater understanding (of themselves and others), and greater resilience.

Each program comprises nine classes, all using a carefully structured mix of stories, music, movement and creative art for 5-8 year old. This 9-class series is woven around the story of a friendly dragon called Naga, who unfortunately has forgotten who he is.

Each class covers a different theme and learning experience. Themes such as coping and expressing emotions, exploring self-esteem, confidence, courage, expressive communications and self-awareness.

The stories have been written to teach important life-lessons in ways that children can understand and find enjoyable and engaging. They then get to ’embody’ the characters in a music and movement session, before expressing their feelings about the story in a piece of creative art.

Class 1: Introduction to the story and characters – of Naga’s Curse
Class 2: Learning to trust instincts – Aloka and the Wolf
Class 3: Feeling and managing your emotions – Namiko and the Storm Wave
Class 4: Self-confidence & self-esteem – Takeo and the Firestone
Class 5: Compassion and kindness – Meraki and the Troll
Class 6: Truthful communication – Kyoshi’s Magical Song
Class 7: Intuition and Imagination – Katami and the Star Seeds
Class 8: Self-awareness and spiritual connection – Paiku’s Golden Wings
Class 9: Integration and celebration – Naga’s Party

During the celebration class, children will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Here are a few things parents have shared about their child’s experience with Inamojo when we asked them what the benefits of their child attending this program were:

“learning new ways of coping in life”
“I feel that it has helped them calm down at times, and has helped them sleep”
“I think kids need things like this, to be different to what is out there at the moment”
“Inamojo is the highlight of my child’s week, she loves it so much and gets a lot out of it”

Cost $125 for 9 weekly classes on Thursday 4:30PM to 5:30PM
(approx $14/ class)
Early Bird $110 (bookings before 10th Jan)

Bookings are essential via Eventbrite

Childbirth Education Program / Hypnobirthing Positive Birth

Date: 2x Sunday (2nd Feb & 9th Feb)
Time: 9AM to 4PM
Cost: $550 per couple (Deposit $150)

*** Childbirth Education Program for Couples ***


Childbirth and Pregnancy do not have to be scary or serious! We know that being surrounded by positivity increases your endorphins and happy hormones. Endorphins are natures own pain relief – so let’s use what nature gave us!

Labour can be beautiful, calm and enjoyable! Let’s show you how to achieve the birth you want!

The comprehensive Hypnobirthing Australia (TM) program is an up-to-date childbirth education program that incorporates successful ideas, modern pregnancy and birthing theories and teachings from many respected experts and also includes Hypnotherapy techniques. This program enables women and their birth partners to feel they can trust the birthing process.

• Mothers who are knowledgeable about birth and the options available to them are more relaxed and therefore labour approaches their labour in a perfect frame of mind.
• When mothers are able to calmly accept the sensations during labour and practice our techniques – they are peaceful and well equipped.
• Your partner will learn how to support and advocate for your birth wishes through Hypnobirthing education.

• You will learn how to release your body’s natural pain-relieving hormones, endorphins
• You will develop a positive mindset about labour as something to be embraced and enjoyed
• You and your partner will learn about the normal birth process (or caesarian) and so you’ll leave feeling empowered and confident about your exciting journey
• Your partner will learn techniques to support and advocate for you through your birth
• Many couples are so relaxed and excited by the day of their baby’s birth that they take it in their stride, even when the plan changes due to unforeseen circumstances

Our classes empower you to have a positive birth experience, irrespective of the mode of birth.

A group course facilitated by a highly experienced & currently practising midwife and IBCLC. Especially designed for you and your birth partner to learn proven techniques including breathing, relaxation, visualisation, self-hypnosis, partner techniques, acupressure points for pain relief and more to help you prepare for a calm, relaxed and positive birth.

The full course consists of 12 hours of tuition in a small group setting over 2 full Sundays (6 hours per session).


Cost: $550 per couple (includes 2 Sundays)
• A deposit of $150 is due at booking, with the balance due 2 weeks prior to the class commencing.

Bookings are essential as we have a maximum of 5 couples per group.

For any more questions regarding this event,
contact Megan on 0414 721 372

Level One Reiki – Beginners Course

Date: Sunday 19th Jan, 2020
Time: 9AM to 5PM
Cost: $200 (Deposit $50)


Would you like to be attuned to the beautiful Reiki energy?

Level One Reiki is the beginners level & can assist you on your healing journey spiritually, physically and emotionally. It has the ability to enhance your intuitive abilities and to help you release what no longer serves you. Reiki is no invasive healing system that can be used in every area of your life!

Within my Reiki Level One course You will learn about:

– The history of Reiki
– Your chakra systems
– How to use a pendulum
– How to protect your energy (great for empaths)
– How to detach from energy
– Be attuned to level one Reiki
– How to begin to heal yourself with Reiki
– Demonstration & practice giving Reiki

You will receive :

– Distance Reiki session in the week prior to the course to balance your chakras.
– 67 Page Level One training manual.
– Framed certificate.
– Reiki lineage for membership & insurance.

This course will be held in the beautiful space at SA Wellness Centre, O’Halloran Hill.
Limited to four participants only.
Cost is $200 with a $50 deposit is required to confirm your place.
Lunch, herbal tea and water will be provided.

Please contact Alyssia Brook via messenger if you would like further details

Fertile Flow

Sun Date: 30 Sep 2018 From: 12:00 am - 1:00 pm Cost: $20 Location: test

Join us for a Feminine approach to yoga to support you at each stage of your cycle & life journey.
This class will be held 6:30-7:30pm at The Yoga Centre on the first Thursday of every month Using yoga asana, meditation & pranayama to Overcome health conditions;

PMS, painful or missed periods, flagging libido, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, pelvic floor disorders, menopause & infertility Suitable for those going through IVF & IUI Improve egg quality & uterine lining Lower stress hormones & reconnect to your feminine energy
~ Fertility Yoga increases IVF success rate by 45% ~

Cost $20 per class

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Test 1

Sat Date: 22 Sep 2018 From: 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm Cost: $20 Location: test

Perfectly suited to therapists and wellness workers, we also offer private consulting spaces in our O’Halloran Hill location. The potential for cross referral is high within our bustling hive of recognised wellness leaders. These beautifully furnished, practical and professional consulting rooms are situated within the SA Wellness Centre and are shared with leading chiropractors, physiotherapists, naturopaths and instructors every day.

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