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Good News! Dr Linda and Dr Peter insist on a flexible timetable.

After Hours

Our chiropractors love what they do – any time of day.

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After Hours Services

After Hours Chiropractor Adelaide Information

Our Chiropractors welcome after hours visitors and Saturday appointments for a full range of services, including:

 Pain relief from aches, illness, or dysfunction.

 Diagnosis and correction of a chronic health problem.

 Preventative treatments are highly recommended.

 To improve flexibility and relieve stiffness.

So if you’re looking for an after hours chiropractor in Adelaide then please consider our services. Dr. Peter and Dr. Linda both maintain excellent reputations Australia-wide.

Ask for an after hours discovery session or if you have a professional diagnosis in place then please bring it along.

Yes you can book after hours chiropractors online. It’s Quick & Easy.

Select Your Appointment Date and Time.

Chiropractic Reviews from Real Patients

Our Chiropractors work after hours because they are dedicated to helping people and happen to love their jobs.
I've had problems with my back and shoulders for years, and have just dealt with it and thought - it is what it is. Then my mum started going to see Dr Peter and she encouraged me to make an appointment. And now I can do a simple things, like ...
I used to receive frequent Chiropractic care, whilst living in the country, to maintain a healthy and flexible spine. A few years after moving to the city, I noticed my movement was becoming restricted (it dawned on me while riding my motorbike ...
I initially went to Aberfoyle Park Chiropractic because I was sick and tired of putting up with my sore back after having my beautiful girls.... the staff and Dr. Peter are very professional and family friendly. They make me feel very welcome every visit.
I first went to Aberfoyle Park Chiropractic as I was suffering pain in my lower back and had tried massage and physio without any success. I now have a lot more movement and I'm more flexible, not just in the lower back but my general body...