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Yoga for back pain
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Is yoga a proper treatment for your back pain?

You are probably aware of a variety of pain medications and treatments for back tension, stiffness or ache, but depending on the duration of your symptoms, medical experts are now rediscovering the usefulness of ancient techniques to reduce your back pain and improve your health.

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Sun for Humans
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The Importance of the Sun for Humans

The sun is the most vital star in our solar system. Without it life would never have originated on earth. From providing heat and light that animals and plants need to survive and thrive it also provides humans with vitamin D which is essential to the body.

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Sciastica treatment
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What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is not a diagnosis, but is a symptom used to describe pain that travels down the back of the leg. It may also be associated with numbness, tingling…

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