Is Chiropractic Treatment Good for Children?

A proper functioning spine is important for children as they grow and develop across all ages. While adults may experience back, neck, shoulder, hip, and posture problems, children may also experience these problems and other issues also. 

We are passionate about providing a safe, fun, and friendly place to help children to thrive and be their best.  

There are physiological, anatomical, developmental, and psychological differences and needs that children have compared to adults. Understanding these differences and needs chiropractors’ are able to modify their care, treatment, and techniques to suit each individual child’s age and presentation

Before any treatment is performed our Chiropractors take care to provide the appropriate assessments to guide the management of the child. 

Our Chiropractic practitioners in Adelaide pride themselves on communication also, making sure that the child’s parents or primary caregivers have an understanding of the underlying problems, any concerns regarding treatment are addressed, and that consent is provided before Chiropractic care for the child is undertaken.    

We are here to help and should you have any questions on how we may help you or your child, please feel free reach out to us by calling our centre



From the birth process to all things that happen to children while they learn to walk, run and play, there are many different events that can have an enormous impact on your child’s spine and health both immediately and into their formative years. Chiropractic care may be able to help the musculoskeletal changes that can occur with children following events such as those above that can cause them pain and discomfort.



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