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How Adelaide Chiro’s are Changing Therapeutic Paradigms

How Adelaide Chiro’s are Changing Therapeutic Paradigms

 It Begins With

Adelaide’s experienced chiro’s are a part of the changing paradigms of spinal therapy and chiropractic services which is having a positive effect on the health and wellness of the community as a whole.

Turn The Clock Back

group talking about chiroFor many years professionals in a variety of fields have backlashed each other for the benefit of their own practice or their own discipline in general. For example, a Physiotherapist may advise patients that Chiropractic treatments are ineffective, and vice versa. Certainly this issue has not been of epidemic proportions but rather a subtle recommendation offered from time-to-time so that patients remain loyal, and steer clear of certain therapies.

Times Are Changing

And so finally, after years of working against patients’ experienced interests many of the people in these professions have started offering recommendations away from their own area of expertise and have started to work towards a collaborated effort for the greater good of the patient. For instance, many sporting and Olympic teams now rely on the collaborated efforts of a team of medical practitioners, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, and massage therapists. This collaborated effort is in the experienced interest of the athletes in helping them treat injuries and in injury prevention. What’s really exciting is that you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit for this multi-disciplined approach as we are learning that more and more therapists are shifting towards working together and communicating together for the greater good of the patient.

It Gets Better Too

Furthermore this changing paradigm is one that empowers each professional with an opportunity to educate the customer beyond the norm. That is to say that a Chiro, for example is able to highlight the benefits of increased motion and better nerve flow to the central nervous system as a valuable add-on to another recommended therapy. Stating that the benefits will enhance any other simultaneous therapy. And this example is true if it is reversed; where a professional masseuse or massage therapist will highlight the fact that chiropractic adjustments will be more effective if combined with stretching and relaxing the muscles in the problem area.

These observations are well known to the Chiro team at SA Wellness Centre as we continue to craft our skills and gain further knowledge in healthcare and wellbeing through exhibitions and similar networking events. In addition to the feedback we receive from hundred of our own patients.

Keep Up The Good Work

In conclusion it will be interesting to see if this changing paradigm becomes the norm amongst all medical and healthcare practitioners or if some are still stuck in an old school way of thinking and have not truly evolved with the times. All we can say for sure is that SA Wellness Centre supports any treatment that is in our customers’ experienced interest, and so we will always recommend the most suitable therapy.

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