How Physiotherapists and Chiropractors Can Work Together for Better Results

Are you a physio or chiro type of person? Not so many people understand how both physiotherapy and chiropractic exercises can be combined for better results.

Perhaps you might have suffered an injury and are now recovering from it. Or, even better, you want to boost your overall performance as an athlete. But, no matter your situation, you may want to consider both physio or chiro therapy services to deal with your pain.

So, how can these two health practitioners work together for the good of the patient?

Combination of Skills

We aim always to find the best treatment care plan that will suit the needs of our patients. What’s more, our experts are known for providing excellent massage therapy services in Adelaide.

We understand that some people think physiotherapists and chiropractors compete for patients. In contrast, the two professionals often work in cooperation to serve patients. Indeed, complete care helps solve musculoskeletal problems faster and efficiently.

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractors will often suggest a diagnosis for non-musculoskeletal conditions. Besides, most chiropractic care plans tend to use more manual adjustments than physiotherapy. Or simply put, chiropractors use their hands to switch the joints of the spine for optimal movement.

You can think of chiropractic as a form of treatment that’s focused on a more maintenance-based strategy. It primarily focuses on the neck and the back.

Physiotherapy Treatment

On the flipside, physiotherapists get referrals and mainly diagnose musculoskeletal conditions. In fact, they are better known for being hands-off. Of course, they use equipment to treat and retrain abnormal movement patterns.

Better Health Faster

Every day, our movement habits and day-to-day activities can expose us to specific injuries. Yes, injuries can have many causes. And, that’s why it is essential to understand how your body works. This is the very first step to healing.

Moreover, if you are also looking to boost your overall well-being, you can go for same-day treatments with more than one practitioner. It is convenient and will save you time.

You can rest assured that our chiropractor and physiotherapist will be of great help if you are in pain. We use complementary skills to improve your health and well-being.

Case Scenarios

Here are two case scenarios you may encounter or might have encountered before:

First Scenario: One therapist provides different but collaborative services that another one does not offer.

In healthcare, combining different techniques and collaborative care is very important. This helps improve patient outcomes. Furthermore, each practitioner will likely undergo additional training to provide a wide range of treatment options. Patients will primarily benefit from such practitioners.

Second Scenario: When you are not getting desired results anymore during your current treatment plan and would like to try another collaborative approach in your case.

Ideally, Physios and Chiros will undergo different training. As such, each will have their own clinical experiences to draw insights. Besides, how each practitioner uses manual techniques and the overall approach may also differ in several ways.

Well, a fresh look can be all that is needed to get a patient from a plateaued state to attaining their desired results again. However, we recommend consulting with your current practitioner first before testing the waters.

The Bottom Line

SA Wellness Centre believes in a collaborative treatment strategy to get you better faster. Our team of seasoned experts in massage therapy services has different skillsets for all your needs. Visit us today to get started!

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