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Myths and realities of back pain and back problems.

Back pain is inevitable for most people, especially those who are quite aged. However, back pain and back problems are often associated with a ton of myths and misconceptions which might even leave you worried for no reason.

Nonetheless, we discuss the several myths alongside their respective realities associated with back pain and back problems.

Myth: Back pain is always associated with injury

Most people, unfortunately, believe in this myth because in most life scenarios pain has always been linked to an injury.

Reality: The truth, however, is that back pain is caused by continuous trauma to the back region, for instance, due to muscle and ligament straining and too much lifting of heavyweights. Back injury on the other hand is usually a one-time life event and may be caused by accidents, for example, falling off stairs leading to soft tissue injury.

Myth: Lower back pain is a sign of early pregnancy

One may be convinced that this myth is true with the belief that the fetus is growing closer to the lower back region. But, this may not be the case in most scenarios.

Reality: Although back pain may be associated with the second and third trimester of pregnancy, it may not necessarily indicate pregnancy in the first trimester. One can only be proved to be pregnant if the lower back pain is associated with other signs such as loss of the menstrual cycle and other hormonal changes.

Myth: Paralysis can result from back pain

It’s no surprise that most people believe in this simply because the spinal cord is found in the back region.

Reality: The truth is that for paralysis to occur, the spinal cord and its nerve roots have to be severely damaged such that nervous transmission is not possible. This is however not the case with back pain which results from muscle and ligament straining in the back. Spinal structures also have very good healing capabilities when treated appropriately hence spinal injuries may not always be associated with back pain.

Myth: Exercise causes back pain

Reality: This is however not the case and the truth is that exercise strengthens our back muscles and helps to stabilize the spinal cord. Hence, those of us who exercise regularly rarely experience back pains. People who lead a sedentary lifestyle are more prone to back pain due to weak back muscles.

This does not exempt those who exercise from back pain. Remember, exercising vigorously and too much may lead to muscle and ligament straining in the back region leading to back pain. So to be on the safer side, exercise moderately but regularly.

Myth: Gas in the stomach causes back pain.

Reality: The truth about this is that gas in the stomach causes sharp pain and tightness in the chest region but not in the back region. If pain is referred to the back region then one might experience back pain. The presence of gas or bubbles in the cerebrospinal fluid which surrounds the spinal cord is what might cause severe back pain.


You now know the different myths and realities of back pain. Relying on these myths will only cause you more worries which may end up worsening your condition.

As such, don’t panic if you experience any symptoms of back pain or back problems. Instead, plan a visit to your physiotherapist or chiropractor who will offer an appropriate diagnosis and remedy.

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