Chiropractic Bookings

New Online Chiropractic Bookings

Introducing Online Chiropractic Bookings

Now available; our online booking system beta release, which is a technical term that means this functionality is ready for you to use immediately, however it is still being tested.

The Concept

Online chiropractic bookings are a simple and effective way make an appointment without the hassle of calling reception. This technology is expected to be more popular with younger generations that have confidence in online bookings systems, however despite the target market we encourage customers of all ages to get involved.

Is it safe and reliable?

Using this system is safe and secure – SA Wellness Centre only ask for very basic personal details, enough to confirm the booking. In fact we hate spam as much as you so the last thing we will do is share your details with 3rd parties. 

In terms of reliability the system has not failed during our testing phase. It’s simplicity is it’s beauty, totally reliable on the premise that an actual (yes real life) person will confirm your appointment.

How Does it Work?

The chiropractic booking system is essentially step 1 of 2 of your standard appointment process. Select your preferred date and time for your appointment. Add some contact details (only once is this required) and then the friendly staff at AP chiropractic will SMS or call to confirm the booking.

Other Features?

As innovators in chiropractic solutions we are embracing this online technology as well as the added ability to check upcoming appointments. Assuming you have already made a booking then you can revisit and check you appointment date and time, request a cancellation or new time slot.


Technology is supposed to make our lives easier so we can spend more time doing what we love. In our case that passion translates to more time developing our services, and improved efficiencies with reduced costs passed on to our patients.

So why not give it a go? Make an online chiropractic appointment now.

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