Cause of Neck Pain

Neck Pain Should Address The Cause And Restore Function

Treating the Cause of Neck Pain | SA Wellness Centre

You may not be able to turn or move your head without feeling neck pain, you may have a headache accompanying your neck pain, there may be pain or numbness felt in your arms, or it may be just an annoying neck ache that you have been putting up with for so long (chronic neck pain). Whatever the case, neck pain is not just something that you should have to put up with.

Neck pain can affect people of all ages and too often many people rely on taking medication for some neck pain relief. They are told to rest and do nothing. The end result is that tissues in the neck can get further de-conditioned and this limits the neck from healing to its full potential. If the underlying problem is not addressed correctly then there may be a resurgence of the neck pain later, chronic neck pain may develop, and more permanent damage could occur to the affected tissues involved.

The experienced treatment for neck pain begins only after a proper understanding of the underlying cause and condition of the neck pain. This is the reason why at Aberfoyle Park Chiropractic we make sure that we take a detailed history and examination. We help you gain an understanding of the underlying problem and then deliver to you the most effective treatment possible based on your goals.

Neck pain is a common problem that we have helped many people overcome. If you would like to understand how we can help you or a loved one either click HERE or call us today on 08 8322 1788

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