Natural Treatments for Arthritis and Mobility

How can we help?

If you’ve had ever experienced back pain or a stiff neck, whether it may be from arthritis or an injury, you’ve likely considered seeing a chiropractor.

The benefits of seeing chiropractors extend beyond the manipulation of the back and neck. Besides chiropractors, manipulate or adjust the spine to improve pain and mobility, they are also primary-care professionals who look at and evaluate the whole body. But what should you expect from a chiropractor visit and is it safe for arthritis?

Even if they never touch your arthritic joint, treating the surrounding tissues may significantly reduce overall pain.

If someone is having a flare in a knee that is causing him to walk awkwardly, it may lead to a secondary pain syndrome in the lower back. A chiropractor would not treat an inflamed joint, but if the pelvis is adjusted the overall pain may be reduced by four to five units on the 1-to-10 pain scale and make your daily living activities easier.”

Is Chiropractic Care Safe for Arthritis? 

If you have back or neck pain due to osteoarthritis, chiropractic may be one of the safest therapies you can use. 

Inflamed joints should be “off-limits,” but we offer several adjunctive therapies that can help. 

  • Ultrasound. Many think of ultrasound as imaging technology, but when applied to soft tissues and joints, sound waves can also produce a massaging effect that helps reduce swelling and decrease pain and stiffness. 
  • Low-level laser or “cold laser.” This technique uses a non-heat-producing laser or light that penetrates deep into the tissue, sometimes reducing inflammation. 
  • Infrared sauna. Imagine having a hot compress warm up your joints from the inside. These rooms use controlled amounts of heat to relieve pain and increase circulation. 
  • Electrotherapy. These tiny electric pulses are not painful. They treat soft tissue injuries by stimulating nerves and muscles. 


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