EASY HEATS Heat Pack – Neck

What we all know

  1. Heat is great for soothing aches and pains and relaxing tight muscles
  2. Wheatbags are a quick, easy, natural and economic way of applying heat

But……all wheatbags are not created equal

Most wheatpacks are regular shapes- square, rectangle or oblong. These might be fine to warm the bed or to cuddle up to on a cold night, but when it comes to therapy (and by that I mean actually treating your body’s tightness or pain issues) they are quite useless, and in some cases actually may worsen symptoms.


EASY HEATS heatpacks have a very unique design, created by physiotherapists with over 35 years of experience. EASY HEATS heat packs mold to the contours oft he body. It heats right to the areas, where those tight muscles attach.

Not only that, but EASY HEATS heatpacks are evenly weighted and balanced by counterweights and by velcro straps, which means when you use EASY HEATS heatpacks you can completely relax. No more tensing to stop it falling off or having to hold it in place.

EASY HEATS packs can alos be used to cool. Stick your pack in the freezer and you will have an ice pack that is perfectly contoured to your body.


Easy Heat Neck, is a heat pack designed specifically to target neck pain and tightness. Neck pain is a common complaint, which can often lead to secondary problems such as tension headaches.

The patented* design features of the Easy Heat Neck heat pack, make it much more than just a wheat bag. The Easy Heat Neck heat pack provides the relief to sore neck muscles and shoulders as it:

Covers the entire length of the upper Trapezius muscles (hence the name), from the base of the skull to the tip of the shoulder. These muscles are responsible for much of the pain and tightness felt in the neck and upper shoulders
Gently stretches as it heats, relaxing the target muscles.
Stays in place. Thanks to clever counterweights in front, Easy Heat Neck goes to work on tight, painful muscles, whilst you relax.
In some cases can prevent symptoms, if worn whilst performing activities such as sitting at the computer, which are likely to cause pain and tightness.

Weight 1.5 kg
Colour: Blue


EASY HEATS Heat Pack – Neck