Remedial Massage Therapist

Services: Massage Therapy.

Alan is a whole-hearted believer that regular and consistent self-care is the key for anyone to achieve better well-being! You and I want to greet each moment of each day in good health and wellness, with less pain and more comfort, with more suppleness, more flexibility, and with more ease in our movements. And perhaps with a happy smile on our lips! It is no wonder that Alan practices self-care passionately and shares this style of mindful practical living with everyone he meets. And as an experienced and skilled therapist, Alan offers a remedial massage as a service in this clinic so that you can easily add massage to your self-care routines, as a rewarding wellness habit worth cultivating.

As a qualified and experienced remedial massage therapist over many years, Alan is skilled in many of soft tissue massage techniques that he can apply to optimise your well-being. Unique to Alan is his deep knowledge of the fascia and hands-on experience in the release or “unwinding” of the fascia with myofascial techniques. Alan knows fascia like no other because of his Ph.D. research at Flinders University where he studies the sensory impact of fascia tissue in chronic low back pain. Many researchers now agree that there is enough evidence to indicate that a healthy fascia is important for a person’s sense of physical and emotional well-being.

To practice self-care, and to improve your well-being, Alan invites you to book in now for a remedial massage with him to experience for yourself the benefits of myofascial release and soft tissue massage treatments!

When not taking care of your needs in massage, Alan is out roller-blading, kayaking, practicing daily yoga and meditation for self-care, or spending quality time with her only daughter.