Corrective Services for Poor Posture


Bad Posture in the office

What is causing your poor posture?

Poor posture is a very common problem with most people today. The cause of poor posture can be for various reasons; however most of the time is due to spinal misalignment.

Any incorrect posture often occurs as a result of our daily activities or performance of our job. Poor posture is always related to the structural balance in the spine. The most common cause has been found to not sitting properly on a chair, especially for those who work in offices. Poor posture can also be linked to other factors such as stress and strain.

How we can help you to improve your posture

Your chropractor is the ideal health professional to identify your posture problems and provide you with hands-on treatment, posture correction exercises and very helpful products for you to regain a great posture! Poor posture is a common problem for people of all ages

Please seek professional advice from your chiropractor regarding the reasons WHY you may have poor posture and useful tips about HOW you can correct your posture.

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Posture Brace / Posture Corrector / Posture Support

Our Chiropractors will generally recommend some adjustments compained with some daily stretched to allow you to attain better results, plus some posture muscle strengthening exercises. They may also utilise posture taping or a posture corrector brace to re-educate your postural muscles. These posture braces  are designed to encourage activation of your postural muscles.

LP Clavic Brace

Promotes healthy posture. Excellent aid in correcting poor posture and shoulder slump. Immobilises clavicles to aid healing. Hook and loop closure allows the brace to be put on and removed without assistance.


Measure around chest under armpit for sizing.

  • Small: 63.5-76.2cm
  • Medium: 76.2-88.9cm
  • Large: 88.9-104.1cm


Blackroll Posture Brace

This back brace has been designed in Sweden and is a highly-effective harness that supports and enables better posture in everyday life. No matter if you are at home, at work, driving a car, at the gym or during sports and rehab, the POSTURE brace will help you achieve a healthy and upright upper body alignment and posture correction.