Chiropractic Adjustment & Spinal Manipulation Therapy in Adelaide

Have you been putting up with a stiff neck or sore back for longer than you can remember? At SA Wellness Centre in Adelaide, we provide evidence-based, drug- and surgery-free pain and injury management through chiropractic adjustment, spinal manipulation therapy and other modalities like physiotherapy, myotherapy, massage and more.

Our fully qualified team of professionals has years of experience adopting a variety of highly effective hands-on techniques to improve spinal motion and enhance your body’s physical function. By applying controlled, sudden force to key areas of the anatomy, we can alleviate lower back pain, stiffness in the neck and painful headaches (among other symptoms).

Our Adelaide chiropractic services can help you regain flexibility and mobility, for a healthier and more active lifestyle. Whether your symptoms are the result of poor workplace ergonomics, bad posture, insufficient footwear, a sports-related injury or otherwise; SA Wellness Centre can help.

Dr. Peter Roennfeldt Performing Adjustment

What do our Adelaide chiropractic adjustment services entail?

Your initial consultation is an opportunity for us to diagnose the root cause of your condition, so that we can provide a tailored treatment plan that caters for your specific needs.

We gather this information by speaking to you about your symptoms, your daily routine, your medical history and so on. Depending on the extent of your condition, we might also recommend X-rays to gain a clearer understanding of your spinal condition, before conducting a physical exam.

A typical consultation involves placing you in specific positions on our padded chiropractic tables (which are specially designed by industry experts) and using a series of spinal manipulation techniques to push target areas beyond their usual range of motion. Following your consultation, you may experience minor side effects like headaches or fatigue for the next couple of days, as your body adjusts.

Reliable spinal manipulation services from qualified professionals in Adelaide

With years of professional training in chiropractic treatments, we are meticulous about maintaining an industry-leading knowledge of the practice through regular refresher training.

Whether you are suffering from upper back pain, lower back pain, neck pain, scoliosis or another musculoskeletal condition, SA Wellness Centre aims to provide a convenient and affordable solution to regaining control over your life through our hands-on pain and injury management.


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