Neck Pain Treatments

Treat the Cause of Your Neck Pain Today.

Neck Pain Treatments by Experienced Chiropractors

Qualified & Experienced

Our chiropractors have more than 40 years combined experience and a stellar history treating neck pain.

Family Friendly

Our neck pain treatments use the same delicate techniques that help our family and friends.

Instant Claims

Receive instant health fund reimbursements with HICAPS real time, on-the-spot claims.

How it Works

SA Wellness Centre Treats the Cause of Neck Pain.

Our Chiropractors have an excellent track record for more than just pain relief. Dr Peter and Dr Linda are both exceptional when it comes to treating the underlying cause of neck pain and providing long term solutions through proven health and wellness programs.

With regards to neck pain treatments there is absolutely no pressure to complete a full program and we respect that some patients have limited time and therefore we will also conduct prompt and vigilant neck pain relief sessions for those in need (following initial diagnosis).

So whether you’re in need of a quick neck adjustment for pain relief or want to find long term solutions, SA Wellness Centre are here to help.

Our chiropractors are dedicated professionals who are making a real difference in Adelaide.


Neck Pain Treatments Start at $55 Per Session.

Everyone wants value for money and that’s exactly what you’ll get. From your very first treatment we are confident that we will improve the stress free motion of your neck, and consequently your overall health and wellbeing.

You will only pay for what you need. Our Chiro’s are committed to the experienced possible solution at the lowest possible price. 


How long does it take to treat neck pain?

Some ailments take longer to conquer than others, but you should see small improvements shortly after commencing your sessions. With continued treatment, these improvements should become greater and greater until you’re back to optimum health.

How will I know if chiropractic is working for me?

We will sit and discuss your options after assessing your neck pain and then if we determine chiropractic as an effective method we will track and measure your success with an easy to use online system.

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