Looking for a lymphatic drainage massage therapist in Adelaide?

Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Adelaide

How is Lymphatic Drainage Massage at SA Wellness Centre?


We incorporate a whole range of different styles of massage including lymphatic drainage. This style of massage involves stimulating the lymph nodes and draining lymph fluid from the tissues to assist fluid flow throughout the body, improve circulation and aid toxin removal. It is not a muscular massage but a harmonious light pressure treatment that uses mechanical movement and stretching of connective tissues to facilitate decongestion of lymph nodes and tissues.

The massage pressure needs to be light as most the lymph fluid sits just below the surface of the skin. Lymphatic drainage can also be combined with other remedial therapies e.g a patient may want deep tissue techniques to relieve tension in the shoulders then lymphatic drainage to remove oedema from the legs. If used as a stand alone therapy it is actually best combined with aromatherapy as the essential oils can also be used to stimulate lymph tissues and aid detoxification.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Adelaide and Surrounding Suburbs

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How can a lymphatic drainage massage help?

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Lymphatic Drainage massage may be helpful in addressing the following conditions:

  • Fluid retention – oedema – any type of swelling
  • Lymphoedema
  • Arthritis
  • Oedema during pregnancy
  • Pain relief and anti-inflammatory
  • Carpal Tunnel syndrome – tennis elbow – golfers elbow – occupational overuse injuries
  • Neurology issues – headaches & migraines
  • Skin conditions like eczema and acne
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia
  • Post sporting activities or injuries
  • Soft tissue injury and bruising
  • Sinusitis and hay fever
  • Dentistry treatments including tooth removal
  • Liposculpture
  • Sore dry eyes
  • Pre and post surgery for examply arthroscope
  • Breast surgery (segmental, simple and total mastectomy)
  • Gastro-enterology – constipation and digestive disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome


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