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Remedial Massage

Massage Therapy is an effective, proven form of manual treatment that is designed to prevent, treat and manage musculoskeletal pain and associated pathologies. Remedial Therapists are professionals who treat muscle and joint-related pain and dysfunction. Our qualified remedial therapists will work closely with clients, using a variety of manual techniques to alleviate painful conditions and challenging symptoms, fostering an optimised recovery and return to health. 

Adelaide remedial massage

Remedial Massage has been proven to effectively treat and alleviate the following conditions and more:

  • Back pain or back tension
  • Neck pain or back tension
  • Migraines or headaches
  • Stress relief or relaxation
  • Stiffness
  • Muscle fatigue or muscle pain
  • Muscle cramps or muscle spasms
  • Sciatica pain
  • Pregnancy discomfort or just pampering
  • Sports injuries or injuries prevention
  • Anxiety or Depression

What should I expect from my first Massage Session?

On your first visit, your Massage Therapist’s goal is to gain a deep and complete picture of your symptoms and health. You will be required to complete a history form prior to your appointment. This will allow them to address and determine what type of massage will benefit you most. We recommend your initial appointment last for up to an hour or at least 45 minutes.

Adelaide Remedial Massage

Benefits of Massage:

  • More flexibility
  • Reduce pain and mucle tension
  • Improve sleep and relaxation
  • Improve wellbeing
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Helps to lower heart rate and lower blood pressure
  • Enhance skin tone and skin health

What should I bring to my Massage appointment?

Dress comfortably for your massage appointments. Depending on the technique that your therapist will use, you may or may not need to undress; or you may find it more convenient to bring a loose pair of shorts to wear during your session. For a full body massage, you will need to undress and you will have complete privacy. During the massage, you will be covered with a towel at all times except for the area being worked on.

A referral is not required in order to book an appointment with a massage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Price Guide?

The price for a massage ranges from $70 to $110 (Instant health insurance claims are available). The consultations may also include cupping therapy and/or dry needling at no extra charge. (If requested and clinically indicated).

For more information please call the clinic on 08 8322 1788

Are your massage therapists fully qualified?

Absolutely! All our remedial therapists at SA Wellness Centre are fully trained and qualified with a Diploma of Remedial Massage which is the standard qualification in the industry within Australia.

Our therapists have completed training in musculoskeletal anatomy, physical assessment, and manual treatment, and are able to treat the most common musculoskeletal injuries, conditions and assist with most illnesses in so far as massage can do.

All our remedial massage therapists have a medicare provider number for your health fund rebates on site. For more information please call the clinic on 08 8322 1788

What types of Massage and other treatments do you offer during a massage appointment?

Any treatment is tailored to suit each individual’s specific requirements, and our remedial therapists provide a wide range of massage styles, including:

·   Relaxation Massage – This type of massage aims to reduce stress and muscle tension. It will help you to relax and unwind from the everyday stress in life.

·   Deep Tissue – As the name suggests, it is a deep form of massage and it uses slow deep, and intense strokes. It aims to improve structural restrictions caused by deeper muscles and tissue layers.

·   Sports Massage – Designed to help you enhance physical performance, reduce stiffness, increase flexibility and promote faster recovery from injuries.

·   Lymphatic Drainage Massage– Stimulates the lymph nodes to drain the lymph fluid from the tissues to assist fluid flow throughout the body, aid toxins removal and improve circulation.

·   Cupping therapy – Consists of the use of special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.

·   Dry Needling– Consists of the use of special needles inserted in “trigger points” in your muscle or tissue. Dry needling is also sometimes called intramuscular stimulation. The points are areas of knotted or hard muscle.

In many cases, there are other underlying factors causing an injury. For example, it could be that constant back pain is caused by bad posture, repetitive work-related activities, adopting the wrong technique when playing a sport or even being overweight. Accordingly, the myotherapist not only treats the back pain but addresses the other factors too. This holistic approach aims to reduce the risk of the injury happening again.


How long should I book a massage for?

Usually, a full body massage treatment lasts approximately one hour. 

The half-hour appointment only allows time for a partial massage session such as neck and shoulders, back or legs and feet.

Most people prefer 60-minute sessions for optimal relaxation. The 90-minute session is the ultimate experience of feeling totally relaxed and free from any aches, pains, and stress-related disorders.

Travel Time from Marion Shopping Centre

Our clinic is approximately 5 minutes from Marion Shopping Centre.

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Massage Therapists in Adelaide South and Surrounding Suburbs

We are proud of our reputation and always work hard to give everyone who comes to our centre a 5 star service.



Remedial Massage Therapist


Brooke has a passion for helping and nurturing people through massage therapy. She is someone that you can trust, as she only wants the best outcome for her clients.

Brooke’s go-to massage technique is trigger point therapy combined with myofascial release to help decrease discomfort and pain for her clients.

She’s also well trained in sports massage, deep tissue massage, relaxation and pregnancy massage to help her clients reach their goals and improve their quality of life.

Away from the massage table, she enjoys any beach walks and hanging out with friends and family. She grew up locally, participating in local sport, mainly volleyball at a state level.


Remedial Massage Therapist


Estela is an Australian certified Remedial Massage Therapist gaining her accreditation from the well-recognised Australian College of Eastern Medicine. Estela studied a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil. Estela has more than 20 years of physiotherapy clinical experience and she has focused her career on remedial massage therapy, pilates, postural rehabilitation, and myofascial therapy. Estela’s professional qualifications plus numerous hours of ‘hands-on’ experience for more than twenty years has given her a reputation for distinction in her field.

Estela is passionate about helping clients to achieve their goals, either for relieving pain or recovering from injuries by guiding them to create self-awareness and self-control of their bodies. She used to work with orthopedic/musculoskeletal and neurological patients.

She believes that mind and body should be fully interconnected for a healthy lifestyle and that her job is to support clients to understand their limits and strengths to improve their quality of life.


Remedial Massage Therapist


Kanex completed her Diploma of Remedial Massage at Southern Cross Education Institute in 2017 and with an additional qualification in Dry Needling in 2019. She has been working in this industry for more than 6 years and she specialized with a large focus on deep tissue/remedial style treatments where she also incorporates different techniques to aid the release of muscular tension. In 2020, she also gained her Certificate III In Fitness to help her clients achieve their wellness goals.

She uses Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, Acupressure, Hot Stones, Cupping, Dry Needling, stress and pain relief as well as reflexology to assist with her techniques based on client’s individual needs.


Remedial Massage Therapist


Keli has a passion for the human body and psychology which has led her to a career as a massage therapist where she can help people use their bodies and minds to their full capabilities. She believes massage to be a wonderful gift we can give ourselves, and that the benefits to body and soul are boundless.

She offers relaxation, sports, deep tissue, remedial, pregnancy massage as well as cupping therapy. Her approach to massage, no matter what modality, is first in developing trust and a state of relaxation. She has a gentle but firm technique that can be adjusted to each client based on their needs and preferences each time they visit.

Keli loves working closely with clients of all ages to understand the contributing factors to their physical condition and help improve their quality of life and well-being through a proactive maintenance approach.

She is originally from the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia where she grew up on her family farm, playing sports and fostering an enormous love for nature and the ocean. In her free time, she loves surfing, walking the dog, yoga, gardening, and cooking.


Remedial Massage Therapist


Joel is dedicated and thorough, he has a Diploma of Remedial Massage from Evolve College and he is currently completing a Bachelor of Health Science in Physiology and Pathology from the University of Adelaide in 2018.

Joel is happy to share his knowledge and provide exceptional, tailored therapy. He offers a wide variety of massage styles such as Relaxation, Sports, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, and Lymphatic Drainage Massage.
Outside of the clinic, you will find Joel going for walks or hanging out with his two dogs, Max and Levi.
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