We Provide Treatment for Lower Back Pain at Our Adelaide Clinic

Did you know that nearly 18 million adults and 2 million children undergo chiropractic treatments for pain therapy and other conditions every year? Many of these clients seek chiropractor treatment for lower back pain, as regular spinal manipulation can drastically alleviate the pain associated with back problems.

Spine alignment plays a vital role in our overall physical health and wellbeing, which in turn affects our mental and emotional wellbeing too. If you are suffering with debilitating pain and stiffness in your lower back, we can deliver life-changing spinal pain treatment at our Adelaide clinic.

Our treatments focus on realigning the spine, which reduces pressure on the central nervous system. In addition to reducing your lower back pain, this treatment can also alleviate other symptoms such as headaches, hip pains and more.

These are some of the symptoms chiropractic may help with

Physiotherapy and remedial massage can also alleviate the symptoms associated with lower back pain


At SA Wellness Centre, we combine a variety of treatment modalities to help reduce soreness and stiffness in your lower back, so that you can regain strength and flexibility in the affected area.

Whether your lower back pain is the result of a sports-related injury or poor ergonomics in the workplace, we will closely evaluate your specific musculoskeletal condition so that we can provide tailored treatment. Our practitioners may utilise a combination of chiropractic treatment, massage, physiotherapy, dry needling and other techniques to achieve the best outcome possible.

We might also give you advice and recommendations on how to enhance the progress of your lower back pain treatment through physical, dietary and general lifestyle changes. How long your ongoing treatment will last ultimately depends on the severity of your condition. Together, we will develop a results-driven back pain treatment plan to help you achieve a healthier and more active lifestyle.


Why us?


  • 30 years’ industry experience providing professional chiropractic and wellness care to clients right across Adelaide
  • Our team carries an unwavering commitment to enabling you to participate in life without limitations or restrictions
  • Rather than simply manage the pain and other symptoms, at SA Wellness Centre we focus on targeting the underlying root cause of your lower back pain


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