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+40 Successful Years Treating Lower Back Pain

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Our distinguished chiropractors are among the experienced in Adelaide with a long history of relieved patients.

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Our own family and friends benefit from our delicate techniques and no compromise is made for our customers.

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Receive instant health fund reimbursements with HICAPS real time, on-the-spot claims.

How it Works

SA Wellness Centre’s Proven Techniques for Lower Back Pain.

Treatment of lower back conditions has been proven to have a positive effect using highly targeted chiropractic methods.

When therapeutic intervention is expertly applied on joints in the lower spinal column the result is increased movement and improved blood flow which in turn, reduces pain and inflammation.

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Only $55 – Cost Effective Solutions without Compromise.

Everyone wants value for money and that’s exactly what you’ll get. From your very first treatment we are confident that we will improve your health and wellbeing.

You will only pay for what you need. SA Wellness Centre are committed to the experienced possible solution and the lowest possible price. 


What causes lower back pain?

Muscle strain, injury, spinal conditions or overuse are the main causes of lower back pain, and most people will suffer from it at some stage in their lives.

How many sessions will I require?

Dr. Roennfeldt will be able to predict the exact cause of your lower back pain in your consultation, and advise you of what treatment and how many sessions you’ll require. It is common to feel greater movement and pain relief within the first 2 – 3 sessions.

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