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Myotherapy is an effective, proven form of manual treatment that is designed to prevent, treat and manage musculoskeletal pain and associated pathologies. A Myotherapist is a primary care allied health professional who treats muscle and joint-related pain and dysfunction. Our qualified myotherapists will work closely with clients, using a variety of manual techniques such as dry needling and/or cupping theraoy to alleviate painful conditions and challenging symptoms, fostering an optimised recovery and return to health. 

Myotherapy is often offered in conjunction with Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Chiropractic.

Adelaide Myotherapist

Myotherapy has been proven to effectively treat and alleviate the following conditions and more:

  • Jaw And Neck Pain
  • Shoulder, Elbow And Arm Pain
  • Back Pain (Sciatica, Limited Mobility)
  • Painful Pregnancy Symptoms
  • Hip And Pelvic Pain
  • Sports Injuries, Sprains, Strains And Weaknesses
  • Arthritis, Tendonitis And Rheumatological Symptoms
  • Post Surgery-Rehab
  • Strength Conditioning After Trauma (Breaks And Fractures)
  • Symptoms From Fibromyalgia And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Bowel And Bladder Incontinence

What should I expect from my first Myotherapy Session?

On your first visit, your Myotherapist’s goal is to gain a deep and complete picture of your symptoms and health. This will allow them to design a treatment plan tailored to what will benefit you most. Your appointment will typically last for up to an hour. Your Myotherapist will want to know about your current physical and mental health, medical history and health goals.

cupping therapy and myotherapy in adelaide

Complementary equipment used at SA Wellness Centre.

Very often our Myotherapists use other techniques such as cupping and dry needling to help with your condition.

To optimize your treatment outcome at SA Wellness Centre, your Myotherapist may refer to some of our quality complementary treatment devices such as Therapeutic Ultrasound, Tense Machine or the G5 Vibramatic Digital.

Some more information about how Ultrasound Therapy may help with your back pain can be found here

  • Myofascial Release
  • Sports Rehab
  • Deep Muscle therapy
  • Trigger Point Reduction/Therapy
  • Pain Relief
  • Lymph Drainage
  • Postural Drainage
  • And More…

What should I bring to my Myotherapy appointment?

Dress comfortably for your myotherapy appointments, as full mobility will position you for the most effective treatment. You may find it more convenient to bring a loose pair of shorts to wear during your session, but usually, loose non-restrictive casual wear with lots of stretch is most suitable.

A referral is not required in order to book an appointment with a myotherapist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Price Guide?

A standard consultation (treatment) starts at $75.00 (Instant health insurance claims are available). Other consultations usually range from $75 – $98 as they may also include cupping therapy and/or dry needling and other treatment/s (If clinically indicated).

Concessions are also available for valid card holders, family and kids consultations. For more information please call the clinic on 08 8322 1788

What does a Myotherapist do?

The purpose of the myotherapist is to improve the quality of life of any person that comes for an appointment by using a variety of treatments to alleviate pain and restore function or, in the case of permanent injury or disease, to lessen the effects of any dysfunction.

Adelaide Myotherapist Qualifications?

Myotherapists in Adelaide (And across all states in Australia) must complete a minimum of 4 years specialised education at University and are also registered by the Australian government as health care professionals.

A referral by a doctor is not a requirement to visit a myotherapist; however, medical doctors usually recommend a course of myotherapy to help treat an injury or condition.

What types of Treatments does a Myotherapist Offer?

Any treatment is tailored to suit each individual’s specific requirements, and our myotherapists will choose from a wide range of therapies, including:

·   Manual therapies – These can include joint manipulation and mobilisation (which provides for spinal mobilisation), manual resistance training, and stretching.

·   Cupping therapy – Consists of the use of special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.

·   Dry Needling– Consists of the use of special needles inserted in “trigger points” in your muscle or tissue. Dry needling is also sometimes called intramuscular stimulation. The points are areas of knotted or hard muscle.

·   Exercise programmes – Such as muscle strengthening, posture re-training, cardiovascular stretching and training.

·   Electrotherapy techniques – Consists of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), laser therapy, diathermy, and ultrasound therapy.

In many cases, there are other underlying factors causing an injury. For example, it could be that constant back pain is caused by bad posture, repetitive work-related activities, adopting the wrong technique when playing a sport or even being overweight. Accordingly, the myotherapist not only treats the back pain but addresses the other factors too. This holistic approach aims to reduce the risk of the injury happening again.


Travel Time from Adelaide CBD?
From Adelaide’s CBD to our clinic will take approx. 20 mins by car.
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Myotherapist serving Adelaide and Surrounding Suburbs

We are proud of our reputation and always work hard to give everyone who comes to our centre a 5 star service.



Myotherapist & Hijama Practitioner



Diego joined the SA Wellness Centre team in January 2020 as a Myotherapist.

Diego comes from a nursing and pathology background and studied a Bachelor degree in Health Science in Myotherapy. He is also one of the first certified Hijama practitioners in SA. His duty of care is exceptional. Diego also offers dry needling, dry cupping and wet cupping to help with various types of muscle pain such as, upper and lower back pain, sciatica, headaches and migraines, shoulder pain; just to name a few.

As a Myotherapist, Diego is committed to delivering exceptional treatment, providing relief from injury and discomfort, and encouraging creative flow in a nurturing, professional environment.

Please feel free to call and speak to our friendly staff if you would like to find out more about Myotherapy and how it can help you.





Harley began studying a Bachelor of Health Science – Myotherapy to help not only himself but for others in healing their bodies from a variety of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. His focus with his clients is to reduce pain, improve the quality of function in muscles and joints, and client education. Harley’s interests lay in acute and chronic conditions of the musculoskeletal system and he can utilise a variety of techniques such as cupping, dry needling, and joint mobilisation to list a few in the treatment and care of his clients.

Harley’s also a professional soccer player. Having a background in sports and doing it for nearly two decades now has influenced him to follow this career path. Harley has always been interested in taking the best care of his own body from a recovery point of view and that has led to an interest in helping others with their own recovery and management of injuries.

He consults in both locations

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