Tailored Hamstring Pain Treatment in Adelaide

Are you having trouble walking, standing or even sitting comfortably due to pain or stiffness in your hamstring(s)? If so, chances are you’d greatly benefit from a tailored combination of physiotherapy, massage and chiropractic care at SA Wellness Centre in Adelaide.

It’s an unfortunate fact that hamstring pain is quite a common condition, generally caused by too much stress or strain on the muscles located in the back of your thighs, and often occurs when you work out or play sports without proper warm-up or stretching beforehand.

Too much pressure on the hamstrings can also cause them to become overstretched or strained. Other causes of hamstring pain include muscle imbalances, poor posture, inadequate nutrition, tight hamstrings due to lack of stretching and weak core muscles.

Physiotherapist in Adelaide

Physiotherapy and massage for hamstring pain


Physiotherapy is a great option for reducing hamstring pain because it uses physical techniques such as therapeutic exercises and massage therapy to treat the condition. Therapeutic exercises are designed to strengthen weak muscles while also increasing flexibility in tight muscles that can cause hamstring pain.

Massage therapy, on the other hand, helps relax tight muscles while also improving circulation throughout your body, which helps with healing time after an injury or soreness from exercise or sports activities. Our physiotherapists may also recommend ice therapy to help reduce inflammation and swelling associated with hamstring injuries or strains.

Chiropractic care for hamstring pain


You might not consider chiropractic treatment as an appropriate response to hamstring pain, but it’s often a highly effective way to treat hamstring pain because it focuses on restoring balance and alignment in your body. At SA Wellness Centre in Adelaide, our chiropractors use manual manipulation techniques such as spinal adjustments and joint mobilisations to relieve muscle tension and promote healing.

We might also recommend lifestyle changes such as stretching exercises and corrective exercises to improve flexibility in your hamstrings. And finally, we may suggest nutritional supplements that can help reduce inflammation in your body which can help reduce hamstring pain.


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At SA Wellness Centre, we’ll take the time to fully understand your musculoskeletal condition so that we can provide you with a highly personalised management plan that addresses the root cause of your hamstring pain, for preventative treatment. Don’t hesitate to book an appointment online or contact us directly for more information.