Qualified & Experienced Sports Chiropractor in Adelaide

Competitive sports and other outdoor activities are great for our mental health and physical well-being, but they can take their toll on our bodies. If you’ve sustained a sports-related injury that’s causing you pain or restricting your mobility, SA Wellness Centre can help.

At SA Wellness centre, we adopt a holistic approach to evaluating each patient’s unique condition, so that we can target the root cause of your pain and alleviate this discomfort in your muscles and joints.

We provide personalised sports chiropractor services that are tailored to your specific musculoskeletal condition. After conducting an in-depth assessment of your injury (be it neck pain, stiffness in the lower back, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder or otherwise), our fully qualified and highly experienced sports chiropractor will develop a detailed treatment plan.

These are some of the symptoms chiropractic may help with

What to expect from our chiropractor treatment for sporting injuries in Adelaide

Your initial consultation will start with our in-house chiropractor taking a detailed history regarding current and past injuries, as well as day-to-day activities that might relate to your pain. After this verbal consultation, we’ll conduct a physical examination to test your muscles and joints, and identify the origin of your pain.

Equipped with a better understanding of your specific condition, we can now proceed with tailored chiropractic treatment. Your individual treatment might involve spinal manipulation, dry needling, rehabilitation, taping, stretching, cupping and other evidence-based treatments. We often provide advice and guidance on daily exercises that can help to further alleviate your soreness and manage your musculoskeletal condition.

If you’re experiencing soreness in your muscles or stiffness in your joints, don’t hesitate to seek treatment. Failure to address musculoskeletal conditions or neuromuscular disorders can result in more intense pain as time passes.


Why come to us for tailored sports chiropractor treatment in Adelaide?

The SA Wellness Centre team has over 30 years’ experience helping people from all walks of life regain muscle strength and restore mobility in their joints through a combination of chiropractic treatment, physiotherapy, massage and other useful modalities.

We’re not interested in a “one size fits all” approach to helping our patients overcome their musculoskeletal conditions. Instead, we take the time to understand your physical condition as well as your lifestyle goals, so that we can work closely alongside you to:

  • Improve physical fitness
  • Recover from injury
  • Identify and implement effective pain management techniques
  • Develop useful relaxation techniques
  • Improve your understanding of health and wellness, for application in all areas of your life


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