Yoga and Pilates Teachers at SA Wellness Centre

We have an amazing team of instructors at SA Wellness Centre. All of them are passionate about teaching yoga and sharing both the physical and mental benefits with you.



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Marjolein is a Hatha yoga teacher for adults and a Kids Yoga and Mindfulness teacher. Her approach is lighthearted, natural and playful focused on connecting with the mind, body, heart and soul. Her classes are nurturing just as much as they are challenging.

Yoga to Marjolein is a conscious practice that helps cultivate body and mind awareness. From there, we can awaken our higher awareness and understand who we are. In asana practice, every movement starts with a conscious breath. In meditation, mindful breathing calms your nervous system and helps you stay grounded.

Marjolein is currently teaching:

  • RESTORATIVE YOGA – Wednesday at 6 pm
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Kathy – 20 years of yoga practice and 12 years of teaching. She is a fully Certified Yoga Practitioner in Adelaide. 

Kathy teaches gentle yoga with a focus on stress management and relaxation. Her classes also include a ‘building strength’ component so that students can develop and broaden their practice.

In most sessions, Kathy also introduces what she calls a ‘challenging pose’ which adds an enjoyable aspect to the class. She offers several options within each pose, so they’re not too hard for new students, and at the same time, this ensures that more experienced students don’t grow bored.

Kathy is currently teaching:

  • YOGA FOR BEGINNERS – Monday at 6pm
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Os is a motivational therapist, senior yoga teacher and social worker that began practising yoga & meditation in 1990 at the age of 16, in South America and then India. Living as a monk (brahmachari) studying and practising the sciences of yoga (asana, anatomy, psychology, philosophy, pranayama, devotional music “Kirtan”, transcendental meditation and Ayurvedic medicine)

Os’s classes are always inspiring, creative, empowering and full of holistic tools that can help you to unveil the natural joyous state of being. His classes are very popular, especially for mental health benefits.

Os is currently teaching:

  • YOGA & MEDITATION – Saturday at 9:30 am 
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Lisa has over 500 hours of training and she’s lived in Australia for 8 years.
Lisa is also trained in Pilates and loves to fuse the two disciplines together throughout Yogalates. She also enjoys teaching all different styles of Yoga, and find it important to cater for individual needs. Lisa says “Yoga is definitely not a one size fits all!”
Lisa takes delight in teaching meditation and relaxation, and nothing gives her greater pleasure than to guide others into a state of peaceful bliss.

Lisa is currently teaching:

Nadia Cusimano


Nadia Cusimano studied Pilates in 2007 in Berlin after being a professional dancer for many years. She has a Diploma in Physical Education and a BA in Performing Arts. In 2008 she became a Somatic Movement Educator BMC Body-Mind Centering ®* teaching extensively movement, dance, and pilates internationally. Recently she studies CranioSacral Therapy Upledger Institute

‘ Nadia is an unusually skillful and observant teacher—one of the absolute best that I have had. Her exacting attention to detail and ability to detect what is happening in an individual client’s body form the basis of her teaching. Her use of imagery to help students is outstanding—an important aspect of communicating complex physiological mechanisms in simple and understandable ways

Nadia is currently teaching:

  • Pilates – Thursday – 6:00 pm
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