Yoga and Pilates Teachers at SA Wellness Centre

We have an amazing team of instructors at SA Wellness Centre. All of them are passionate about teaching yoga and sharing both the physical and mental benefits with you.



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Kathy – 20 years of yoga practice and 12 years of teaching. She is a fully Certified Yoga Practitioner in Adelaide. 

Kathy teaches gentle yoga with a focus on stress management and relaxation. Her classes also include a ‘building strength’ component so that students can develop and broaden their practice.

In most sessions, Kathy also introduces what she calls a ‘challenging pose’ which adds an enjoyable aspect to the class. She offers several options within each pose, so they’re not too hard for new students, and at the same time, this ensures that more experienced students don’t grow bored.

Kathy is currently teaching:

  • YOGA FOR BEGINNERS – Monday at 6pm
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Lisa has over 500 hours of training and she’s lived in Australia for 8 years.
Lisa is also trained in Pilates and loves to fuse the two disciplines together throughout Yogalates. She also enjoys teaching all different styles of Yoga, and find it important to cater for individual needs. Lisa says “Yoga is definitely not a one size fits all!”
Lisa takes delight in teaching meditation and relaxation, and nothing gives her greater pleasure than to guide others into a state of peaceful bliss.

Lisa is currently teaching:

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Maya is an experienced yoga teacher and mental health worker. She is passionate about helping people learn how to find more joy and ease in moving their bodies, develop better focus, and support a resilient mindset.

She merges the traditional approach to yoga as a spiritual path with the newest evidence-based movement science.

Her classes are a mix of different styles including hatha yoga, ashtanga, yin, and kriya yoga, always tailored to the needs of a group.

She is looking forward to meeting you on the mat and sharing the magic of yoga!

Maya is currently teaching:

  • BEGINNERS YOGA – Saturday at 9:00 am
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Adriana is a Yoga Alliance Certified teacher. She first discovered yoga over 20 years ago and fell in love with the transformation to her mind and body. Her philosophy when it comes to teaching yoga is to infinitely remain a student. To be an intermediary, and pass along the knowledge that she is constantly in search of.

A firm believer in the transformative power of yoga – physically, mentally and spiritually; her goal is to help others cultivate greater mind-body awareness, with the ultimate goal of experiencing a more mindful and healthy life. Her classes can challenge her students, but her approach makes yoga accessible and rewarding for beginners and advanced yogis alike.

Adriana is currently teaching:

  • STRETCH & BALANCE YOGA – Wednesday at 6:00 pm